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18:30 - 20:00  Power Dynamic

                         Level II

18:30 - 19:45  Dance and Yoga fusion /

Indian contemporary

 All levels

Hatha Yoga

A class based on Sivananda Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. It is mild, invigorating and relaxing at the same time. It includes asanas (yoga positions), breathing exercises and relaxation. All levels.


Vinyasa Yoga

 A yoga style which emphasizes on the flow, which is the unique linking of one position to the next. It is a dynamic marriage of breath and movement that leads to the manifestation of life energy (prana) and inner balance (equilibrium). Intermediate and advanced level.


Healing / Kundalini Yoga

A series of Asanas and breathing exercises that concentrate on a person’s energy in order to use that energy and heal any imbalances on the physical, mental and spiritual body. The class includes Kundalini Yoga techniques, Reiki techniques, and Pranic Healing. All levels.

Shibashi Tai Chi - Qigong

Shibashi is a series of 18 harmonious movements, considered to be one of the most beautiful and beneficial forms of Chinese "moving meditation", Tai Chi – Qigong. Designed to exercise both body and mind, Shibashi is a form of gentle practice, synchronizing movement with breath, and suitable for practicing by any person, regardless of age. Harmonious reciprocating movements and stretching soften the internal organs and stimulate the flow of vital energy to the meridians of the body, giving a feeling of well-being and peace. These movements can benefit the heart and lungs, improve blood circulation, support the digestive process, soothe chronic diseases, increase energy, advance flexibility, control weight, reduce stress, nurture concentration and intuition, and release emotional tension.

Adults Ballet

Adults ballet is a class designed to improve muscle strength, posture and flexibility. It is never too late to experience the artistry of dance!

Barre Workout

A class that uses the ballet barre and an incorporation of movements derived from ballet. The class is designed for adults, and combines dance movements together with flexibility and strength exercises drawn from yoga and pilates.  com

Pre Ballet (ages 3-6)

Through the art of dance, children in Pre-Ballet class get to enhance their creativity and imagination. The activities, designed in a playful form, allow children to experience some basic ballet technique, develop a sense of space and time, and exercise through teamwork and cooperation.


Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

Improvisation & Release

A class of physical awareness, expression, communication, creation, joy and liberation through dance. Together, we will experience the flow of energy, the attraction of gravity and the lightness of movement coordinated with breath. We will observe the physical, emotional, and mental changes that take place in our body and mind. Guided improvisation can help us find our own personal movement, and bring us in contact with our body, with space, and especially with others.


Capoeira is more than a martial art, it is a way of expression through movement, guided by the myth of music. It will help you increase body awareness, as well as mental acuity. The class begins from scratch so everyone can attend regardless of age or physical condition; an intro into the world of Capoeira, combining movement and music.

ion, an intro to the world of Capoeira combining movement and music, everyone is welcomed to attend.


Yoga classes are taught by Athina (Nana) Georgiou. Please see biography on Bio page.

Tai Chi and Improvisation/Release classes are taught by Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl. Machi graduated from the State School of Dance (KSOT) in Athens, and studied contemporary dance at the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation in New York under a scholarship by the Alexandros S. Onassis foundation. There she came for the first time in contact with the Taoist energy arts. She studied Tai Chi with Grand Master Da Lιu in New York, and later Acupressure - stress therapy at the  Axelssons Gymnastiska Institute of Stockholm, as well as  Reiki, Qi Gong and Dao Yin, with her teacher and mentor Grand Master Jan Nevelius. Parallel to her choreographic work with her dance Company Asomates Dynameis, she teachesι Shibashi - Tai Chi - Qigong. Machi Dimitriadou Lindahl is also an Acupressure stress therapist, diploma from Axelsoons Gymnastiska Institute of Stockholm, and a Reiki Master. 


Capoeira class is taught by Panayiotis Panayiotou (Yoyo), who's been practising Capoeira for 14 years now. His first contact with this martial art took place in Greece, and later he continued with undiminished enthusiasm at the Apeiara Academy in Cyprus. His teacher is Mestre Casquinhia from Guaratigeta, Brazil, who was taught by mestre Ze Antonio (Barracão da Capoeira) one of the most well-known capoeira mestres in the world. Panayiotis has attended Capoeira workshops and events in Athens, Crete, London, and Bologna.

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