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Πνοή (pnoí̱): breath (ancient Greek)

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Our new studio is located in Acropolis, Nicosia, and we named it Πνοή.

Πνοή (pnoí̱), an ancient Greek word signifies breath, wind or whiff. The words Πνεύμα (Pneuma) and Ψυχή (Psyche) both derive from Πνοή.


Prana, in Sanskit, signifies the life-energy breath that maintains life in the material body.

Both of these ancient civilisations grasped the essence of being as breath, in all its forms: spirit, psyche, matter.

We take our first breath with our inhalation when we come to this world and we give out our last one with our exhalation when we depart form the physical body.

Breath is in the centre of all our actions and thoughts. Most of the times it goes unnoticed. Rhythm, speed, duration and quality of our breath denotes our state of being, and in this state we lead our lives.

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